Our Vision

At Homebakee, we envision a world where every dessert you enjoy is handmade by a passionate artisanal baker who truly cares about your experience. 


 For The Community

Supporting Local Bakers

We find joy in enabling talented artisanal bakers to share their special desserts with their local community. Through our platform, bakers can build their business from their kitchen and earn a living.  

Creating Magical Experiences

We believe in making every occasion special. Our team of dessert curators learn the details about your event to customize a spread of desserts that will leave a long-lasting happy memory.

And For The Future


Moving Away From Mass Production

As small local bakeries are forced out of business due to rising rental costs, mass-produced products have flooded the market. We believe it's time to reverse this trend. 

Reducing Food Wastage

The world is wasting a staggering $1 trillion worth of food every year. The wastage is largely driven by commercial food businesses that overproduce. At Homebakee, we eliminate wastage by baking only for the orders we receive. 

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